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There are several factors in determining the cost of a new roof, such as location, size, and style. This is why we offer our clients free estimates as well as free property and storm damage inspections. Prrotect Roofing will also walk you through the insurance maze to restore your property to its pristine condition.

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Yes! We’re happy to be a part of your new build and to help start your project off on the right foot!

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Yes! From routine maintenance to full exterior replacement, our team is here to ensure that your investment, and your residents, are prrotected.

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We are proud to work with homeowners and real estate agents whenever a building inspection is needed. Our team will identify problem areas and provide a complete report of our findings upon completion.

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The best time to build a roof is when you need one! While current weather is a factor in outdoor jobs, there is never a bad time to build, repair, or replace a roof. Our first step is to identify any existing problems to determine when the repair should be completed. The materials involved will also factor into the project’s timeline (e.g., asphalt shingles require +40°F whereas a flat roof can be installed or repaired at any temperature). Our team is prepared to work as needed to resolve your issue. Whether it’s to fix ice-damming in the winter or repairing a leak before the next summer storm, Prrotect Roofing is ready for the job.

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Yes! Whether your roof needs routine maintenance or you’re wanting to upgrade your siding with a new look, Prrotect Roofing can help! We’ll take on repairs, replacements, upgrades, new builds, and more! Our team is proud to take on the work that keeps your home prrotected.

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Shedding Light on Skylights: What You Need to Know

September 28, 20233 min read

Everything You Need To Know About Skylights

Skylights are a captivating addition to any home. They offer an infusion of natural light, an opportunity to stargaze from your living room, and a unique architectural touch. However, before embarking on a skylight installation journey in Chesterfield, Wildwood, O'Fallon, or the greater St. Louis areas, there are important considerations and key facts you should know to make an informed decision. In this blog post, we'll explore what you need to know about skylights.

Types of Skylights

Skylights come in various styles, each offering distinct benefits:

  • Fixed Skylights: These are stationary and do not open. They're ideal for bringing in natural light and are often used in high ceilings or areas where ventilation is not a concern.

  • Ventilating Skylights: These skylights can be opened to allow airflow. They are great for areas like kitchens and bathrooms where ventilation is essential.

  • Tubular Skylights: These are small, tube-like skylights that capture and direct sunlight into a room. They are excellent for spaces with limited roof space or where a traditional skylight may not be feasible.

Benefits of Skylights

Skylights offer a range of advantages for homeowners:

  • Natural Light: The most obvious benefit of skylights is the influx of natural light, which can reduce the need for artificial lighting during the day, leading to energy savings.

  • Energy Efficiency: Modern skylights are designed with energy efficiency in mind. They often come with low-emissivity coatings and insulated glass to minimize heat transfer.

  • Ventilation: Ventilating skylights can improve indoor air quality by allowing fresh air to circulate, reducing the risk of mold and mildew.

  • Aesthetic Appeal: Skylights can transform the look and feel of a room, making it appear more spacious and inviting.

Considerations Before Installing Skylights

Before diving into a skylight installation project, there are essential considerations to keep in mind:

  • Roof Orientation: The orientation of your roof can affect the amount of sunlight your skylight receives. South-facing skylights will receive more direct sunlight, while north-facing ones will provide softer, indirect light.

  • Roof Pitch: The pitch of your roof also impacts skylight placement and installation. Steeper roofs may require custom-built skylights.

  • Moisture Control: Proper flashing and waterproofing are crucial to prevent leaks around skylights. Hiring a professional roofing contractor with experience in skylight installations is essential.

  • Glazing Options: Choose the right glazing for your skylight. Options include laminated glass for added safety, tempered glass for increased strength, and insulated glazing for improved energy efficiency.

  • Maintenance: Skylights require regular cleaning to maintain their transparency and efficiency. Consider how accessible the skylight will be for cleaning and maintenance.

Skylight Installation by Professionals:

To ensure the success of your skylight project in Chesterfield, Wildwood, O'Fallon, or the greater St. Louis areas, it's vital to work with a reputable roofing contractor experienced in skylight installations. They can help you select the right type of skylight, handle proper installation, and provide ongoing maintenance advice to maximize the lifespan and benefits of your skylights.

In conclusion, skylights can transform your home, bringing in natural light and enhancing its aesthetic appeal. However, it's crucial to carefully consider factors such as type, location, and installation to make the most of this architectural feature. By partnering with a professional roofing contractor in the Chesterfield, Wildwood, O'Fallon, or greater St. Louis areas, you can ensure a successful skylight project that brightens your home and adds value to your living space.

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